Gastronomy is known as molecular chemistry used in cooking. Applications building on the principles of molecular gastronomy, like ‘Molecular Cooking’ and Experiment cooking’ have emerged in recent years.

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Innovation in The Food Industry

Have you seen the ice cream shops in Amsterdam canal tour? What have you noticed with their procedure of making ice cream? They are using a compound called nitrogen to speed up the cooling process. Gastronomy becomes the new inspiration of aspiring chefs of our generation. It leads to a great number of discoveries and recipes. It’s a way of reinventing food and at the same time bringing fun and progress on how we cook our food. Gastronomy also brought back the glamour of the food industry. There are several restaurants who practice gastronomy who have been fully booked for the whole 2 years. It goes to show that people want to taste something new and are willing to pay for it.

Gives you variety

One of the best things about studying the molecular chemistry of food with regard to culture is that you are given a wide variety of choices for food to eat and savor. If you have visited las vegas sehenswürdigkeiten, you are quite aware of the selection of cuisines that are available to guests. By knowing and understanding the art of preparing rich, healthy, nutritional, and sumptuous meals, you will never run out of ideas on cooking meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables for your feasts, banquets, and even simple dinners with family and friends. Use the methods and techniques that you will learn to celebrate food and life.

Leads to Healthy Food Choices

foodOur grandmothers used to tell us that the great food they will feed us comes from the oven and not from the microwave. Gastronomy has the same concept, great food takes time to make. You might have finished roaming around the Amsterdam zoo, but the chefs are still trying to make everything perfect for that dish they are trying to recreate. Gastronomy aims to make healthier food recipes by incorporating science into the preparation. As much as possible gastronomy stays away from substances that are harmful for the body. For example, the use of preservatives and chemicals. Gastronomy opposes to harmful ways of preserving food.

It Makes Food Taste Better

Gastronomy was formed because people wanted to make their food taste better. They have searched for ways, methods to effectively enhance their food. The people behind gastronomy traveled around the world to discover ways and compounds that will help in their research. If you cannot afford to go to school to study gastronomy, rent a bike in Amsterdam bike rental and go to the nearest open library. You’ll see a lot of reference regarding gastronomy.